A Lifestyle Manager, Personal Concierge/Assistant 

helps you tackle your in-box and take care of the daily grind. 

We know there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

We can help you; we’ll use our time to give you back yours!


Personal Shopping

Gifts • Wardrobe • Care Packages • Groceries  Invitations • Concert / Event Tickets 

 Gift Purchasing / Wrapping

At Home

Moving • House-Sitting • Organization 

Repair • Contractor Coordination 

Utilities On/Off • Project Management 

Meal Prep and Delivery


Post Office • Dry Cleaning • Bill Pay

Plant Watering • Shipping • Car Repair

​Reservations • Returns / Exchanges

Babysitter / Tutor • Selling of Items

Travel and Misc

Plane Tickets • Book Hotel  & Car Rental 

Activity Planning • Invitations 

Office Projects • Announcements

Reservations • Courier Services

Pet Care

Pet Sitting • Dog Walking 

Vet / Groomer Appointments   

Pet Insurance

Pet Supplies Pickup / Delivery

Senior Services

Appointments • Care Coordination

Personal Errands • Prescriptions

Meal Preparation • Bill Reconciliation 

Food Shopping / Delivery / Put Away